“We grew up sourrounded by patches of denim. Tradition is important to us, it is the starting point for continuous innovation.”

Who we are and our mission

Born in 1964 in Montpellier from a French craftsman, in a few years Shaft Jeans has become an important benchmark for the most exclusive and advanced Made in Italy production.

We continously invest in research and development, studying new embroideries, updated laser techniques, quilted and needle punched effects, and also new washing processes.

Our values

Made in Italy

We believe in the quality of materials, which is why our products are 100% made in Italy.


We care about the planet: hence the idea of ​​organic jeans, less and less impacting on the environment.

We care about our customers: we study the tastes, needs and desires of each of you, because #shaftlovesyou.



Sede legale: P.le Donatello 5/A – 50132 Firenze

Uffici e Magazzino: Via Gattinella 35 Loc. Capalle 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) ITALIA

Phone: +39 0558969023

Fax: +39 055 8974674

Part. Iva IT 05326400487

Con il progetto “Promozione marchio in USA e Giappone”, Manifatture Twins ha sviluppato un programma di iniziative di internazionalizzazione del proprio marchio di pantaloni Shaft Jeans verso Stati Uniti e Giappone, tramite la partecipazione a manifestazioni fieristiche internazionali (Designers and Agents, Pitti Immagine Uomo, Super, Tranoi) e la realizzazione di azioni promozionali online.

Progetto co-finanziato sul bando POR CREO FESR 2014-2020, azione 3.4.2 “Incentivi all’acquisto di servizi a supporto dell’internazionalizzazione in favore delle PMI.