Shaft Jeans is designed in 1964 by Montpellier craftsman, arrives in Italy in 1968, period of social and cultural transformations, where jeans was a form of rebellion and nonconformity.

The owner, Francesca Bacci took over the brand in 2004, thanks to her thirty years experience in the field. The product is positioned only in the most important and prestigious fashion stores investing in style, research and Made in Italy production.

In a few years Shaft Jeans has become an important benchmark for the most exclusive and advanced Made in Italy production. His garments made with high- level processes, have a strong historicity in his DNA, linked to the great American denim tradition, which returns in the vintage look washing but always with fashion details that make it a must for every season.

The continuous research invests in innovative fabrics, every season Shaft Jeans renewed itself, thanks to the collaboration with the most qualified companies such as CONE DENIM U.S.A, Japanese companies for the production of special selvedges jeans and Italian companies that offer unique quality of Made in Italy.

Shaft Jeans



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P.le Donatello 5/A – 50132 Firenze

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Via Gattinella 35
Loc. Capalle 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) ITALIA

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E-mail: info@shaft-jeans.com